EOM: Equal Opportunity Madness

EOM: Equal Opportunity Madness

The Concept: Inclusive Mythos
This is an anthology born in a panel at Balticon 49 in May 2015. The panel was all about being a fan of problematic things, and the example of loving the work of an author who is not a good person came up, particularly Lovecraft and his Cthulhu Mythos. Many people love the Mythos and Cthulhu pervades a lot of geek culture, but Lovecraft himself was a rampant racist and anti-Semite, and based on how he portrayed his female characters (when there were any), whether or not he had misogynist tendencies has been the subject of feisty debate. An audience member jokingly suggested that there should be a collection of stories that would make dear old Lovecraft roll over in his grave – like a black lesbian Jew triumphing over the Unspeakable. And all the authors on panel and in the audience said – “Heeeey, that sounds like fun!”

Now it’s 2017 and a book is ready. We have 13 original short stories and a piece of micro fiction adding up to about 320 pages of delicious Mythos-y content ready for you. The protagonists are male and female, of a wide range of religious backgrounds and skin tones, and would most likely disturb dear old Lovecraft himself. Our authors are not just from American soil; we also have authors from Canada, the United Kingdom, and Greece.

Our Stories and Authors:

Scars of a Certain Value by Christine Lucas

The Horror of the Atoll by DJ Tyrer

With the Dark and the Storm by John Linwood Grant

The Sisters Derleth by Michelle D. Sonnier

A Singular Event, in Several Courses by Kris Dikeman

The Bath, Bottle, and Bar’nyeth Party by Lizz-Ayn Shaarawi

Innsmouth Blues by Jean Roberta

The Black Magnolia on the Bank of the Night’s River by Gordon White

The Thing at Akeley Farm by A.Z. Louise

But Who Can Catch Leviathan? by Chris Pearce

North Bronx Nightmare by Andrea Stanet

The P’tulpa Cult by Daniel S. Duvall

Golem by Jennifer R. Povey

Dreidel of Dread: The Very Cthulhu Chanukah by Alex Shvartsman

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