MCSI Has Shipped!

Trade Paperbacks and eBooks have been shipped to our kickstarter backers.

The eBook is available at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and  Smashwords. It will soon be available on the Apple Store.

The print book is available directly, and shortly will be available at online retailers.

New Call for Submissions

Otter Libris is announcing a new call for submission : Still On Patrol.

The Concept:

There is a tradition in the United States Navy that no submarine is ever truly lost at sea. Those boats and the crews who don’t return to port are considered “still on patrol” in perpetuity. Active duty sailors would never dream of leaving their still on patrol shipmates behind, so every year, usually at the Christmas holiday, sailors manning communications hubs ashore and at sea send out a message. They send holiday wishes for health and happiness to those they know will receive it, and the same wishes to those listed as still on patrol.
What if those submariners who never returned are still out there? What if it’s the energy of the yearly good wishes that keeps them going on their eternal patrol? And what if their eternal patrol protects the living against threats more otherworldly than mundane wars between nation states?
What about other military men and women, disappeared or lost at sea, in the air, or on land? Is there a Roman Legion still manning Hadrian’s Wall? Are there ghostly flight crews who herd hapless aircraft away from the Bermuda Triangle? Tell us stories about military men and women who continue to protect humanity long after they’ve taken their last breath. Tell us what happens when they take the oath to protect their people not just from threats foreign and domestic, but supernatural as well.

More Details can be found here.



MCSI: Magical Crime Scene Investigation is LIVE on Kickstarter now.

MCSI: Magical Crime Scene Investigation

is now live on Kickstarter!

Cold cases, cold coffee, rushing into situations other people run from – being a cop is tough. But it gets even tougher when the particulars of the case don’t match up with the way the world is supposed to be. But some investigators take these paranormal speed bumps in stride. Your murder suspect is a dragon? Bring it on. Your evidence comes from a conference with the spirit world? No problem. Your kidnapping suspect is an undead creature sprung from Old World folklore? Okay, that might take the fortification of an extra cup of coffee and some back up.

18 urban fantasy stories about solving the case with a little magical help ready for your curious mind. Come along for the ride and enjoy the thrills of investigation. Remember, Quod Sequitor – Follow the Evidence.

Stories and Authors:

  • The Mercury Division by Lynda Collins
  • How Many Hearts Will it Take? by Karen Thrower
  • Meat Market by Aaron C. Smith
  • Henry’s Harness by Sandra Ulbrich Almazan
  • Nachtkrapp by Michelle D. Sonnier
  • You’ve Goat to be Kidding Me by Andrea Stanet
  • Half Someplace Gone by Blake Jessop
  • Le Dragon de Bronze by K.A. Mielke
  • The Twins in the Fog by Rie Sheridan Rose
  • Chief Hunkypants vs. the Magic Door by Josie Dorans
  • Harvest Moon by Jasmine Brown and Simon Young
  • Elemental Forensics by Elizabeth Hosang
  • Arm-in-Arm with Alchemy by Rosie Wylor-Owen
  • Corpus Delicti by Jade Black
  • The Clean-Up Crew by Edmund Lester
  • A Dead Mermaid on Eel Pie Island by Liz Tuckwell
  • The Advantages of Unofficial Consultation by Brian M. Milton
  • Poppies by Ashlea Adams

Submission call announcement:

Otter Libris is accepting submissions for a new anthology MCSI: Magical Crime Scene Investigation. Click the link for more information.


EOM is available for purchase now!

We are very happy to announce that you can find links to purchase our new anthology EOM: Equal Opportunity Madness on our Finished Projects page.

EOM is available in eBook format from Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Smashwords, and Apple among other retailers.
EOM is also available in print (Trade Paper) from Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and Lulu.


204% Funded!

We are very excited that our first Kickstarter funded tonight at 204%!



In the depths of the cosmos there is madness to be found and there are stories to be told…


The Elder Gods, Cthulhu, Nyarlethotep, and the like have a taste for fear, for madness, for flesh… But over the years they have grown bored with the taste of the standard straight, white male so often portrayed in the tales of the Mythos. Like a human being with a hankering for Thai after a steady diet of steak and potatoes, the Gods of the Mythos are craving something different…
  • An African Igbo head man defends his tribe against eldritch incursion with the help of his own Gods…
  • A couple of English debutantes throw epic parties while keeping the otherworldly at bay…
  • A deeply scarred man gathers strength from Sobek, the Egyptian God who claimed him young, as he stands against the horrors shoulder to shoulder with a Priestess of Bast…
  • A Jewish lesbian rides into town to save it from the Unspeakable, with a little help from her girlfriend and her rich heritage…

All this and more await you in these pages. Welcome to equal opportunity madness…

EOM: Equal Opportunity Madness

This is an anthology born in a panel at Balticon 49 in May 2015. The panel was all about being a fan of problematic things, and the example of loving the work of an author who is not a good person came up, particularly Lovecraft and his Cthulhu Mythos. Many people love the Mythos and Cthulhu pervades a lot of geek culture, but Lovecraft himself was a rampant racist and anti-Semite, and based on how he portrayed his female characters (when there were any), whether or not he had misogynist tendencies has been the subject of feisty debate. An audience member jokingly suggested that there should be a collection of stories that would make dear old Lovecraft roll over in his grave – like a black lesbian Jew triumphing over the Unspeakable. And all the authors on panel and in the audience said – “Heeeey, that sounds like fun!”


Scars of a Certain Value by Christine Lucas

The Horror of the Atoll by DJ Tyrer

With the Dark and the Storm by John Linwood Grant

The Sisters Derleth by Michelle D. Sonnier

A Singular Event, in Several Courses by Kris Dikeman

The Bath, Bottle, and Bar’nyeth Party by Lizz-Ayn Shaarawi

Innsmouth Blues by Jean Roberta

The Black Magnolia on the Bank of the Night’s River by Gordon White

The Thing at Akeley Farm by A.Z. Louise

But Who Can Catch Leviathan? by Chris Pearce

North Bronx Nightmare by Andrea Stanet

The P’tulpa Cult by Daniel S. Duvall

Golem by Jennifer R. Povey Jennifer R. Povey

Dreidel of Dread: The Very Cthulhu Chanukah by Alex Shvartsman